Barnacle Seaweed


Discover from our hand this algae that you will be surprised by its taste and easy preparation and/or addition to your dishes in the kitchen.

The Codium seaweed (‘ barnacle seaweed ‘) or sea Ramallo, is increasingly used by prestigious chefs, due to its surprising taste, which clearly reminds us of the barnacle, and its original texture. This will certainly mean that every time we incorporate it into our recipes.

What is Codium algae like?

For those who do not know this algae, we tell you that it is an erect seaweed, reaches up to about 40 cm, is a branched form, with its ramifications rounded. Of spongy, elastic consistency, and that touch reminds us of velvet. It has an intense green color and has a very fleshy texture, with an unmistakable flavor that reminds us of the authentic Galician barnacle, hence the name “barnacle Seaweed”.

Barnacle Seaweed
Barnacle or Ramallo Seaweed

Characteristics of the Sea Ramallo

The main characteristic of this algae are its small arms with numerous branches, in the form of tree of life, of dark green color.

What nutrients do algae have?

Although in many villages there is no tradition of cooking with seaweed, the truth is that these vegetables from the sea provide a lot of fiber and minerals, are low in carbohydrates, have virtually no fat and, in addition, their cultivation is very sustainable. For these reasons, it may be interesting to introduce them into food.

How do you cook the sea ramp?

It has a fluffy and soft texture and a slightly salty flavor that combines with all kinds of recipes and stews:

  • It’s delicious sliced into salads
  • It can be prepared in the form of pâté or cream and added on any vegetable dish.
  • In seasonings
  • Rice and vegetable stews
  • On baked potatoes.
  • In soups and purées of vegetables and algae.
  • Recipe with Ramal de Mar

Raw: It is chopped and added to any preparation.

Boiled: It is boiled only for a short time, about 3 minutes, so that it does not lose any of its properties.

Variety of algae

Benefits of Algae consumption

It is recommended to eat algae especially to enrich the diet in minerals. These vegetables stand out because they contain a lot more concentration in nutrients than the terrestrial vegetables. In this aspect, they can be recommended in diets to lose weight and diets recommended to increase calcium, magnesium and potassium (menopause, osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol, cellulite, gout,,…)

Just continue in a small amount, the algae already provide many minerals. It is not necessary to eat more than 1 serving of algae a day, nor eat them daily.

Algae are also interesting in athletes, who will help them to replenish the loss of minerals in sport, caused by wear and perspiration.

These properties are added to their high calcium content. Algae are the most calcium-rich food, being one of the most rich food sources in this mineral.

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