Stories with Alma I

As you know and we advance in our cover we support different associations or groups that help animals, give word to those who can not talk we’re going to go putting the stories of their lives or better said part of their history until they were rescued And now they have a dignified life.

For this in this first story we will introduce you to “Butter”

Butter when I arrive at Luis’s Home

It Is a beautiful cow from The Home of Luis Garcia rescued, that is the photo of the first day when I arrive at his shelter, was a cow who lived in a small ecological farm in Valencia, she is 9 years old, so that milk production is not enough so that passes to Be an unprofitable animal. Butter was very thin, it was made to give birth every year, its value was so small that it was more expensive transport to the slaughterhouse than her, so the friends of Luis Garcia’s Home were responsible for the transport and gave it.

Its transport cost 800 euros that they had to finance with the sale of calendars.

This is Butter a year later, after receiving pampering and caring for people who feel that animals are not just objects but companions of the universe.

Manquetilla a year later
Butter a year later

Well What I said if you liked this story stay tuned because every week we will put one.

Thank You for reading and sharing.